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TaxSlayer Pro, a powerful tax software solution offered by TMB Tax Bureau designed to revolutionize the way tax professionals manage their workflow. With a comprehensive range of features, TaxSlayer Pro is the must-have tool for tax professionals seeking to enhance their practice. Streamlined Tax Filing: TaxSlayer Pro simplifies the entire tax preparation process with an intuitive user interface, making it easy to navigate and enter data. Its accurate calculations and automatic updates ensure you're always working with the latest tax regulations.

Comprehensive Coverage: The software supports a wide variety of tax forms and schedules, covering individual, business, and specialty tax returns. This all-inclusive approach means you can serve a diverse client base with ease. Time-saving Integrations: TaxSlayer Pro seamlessly integrates with popular accounting software like QuickBooks, saving you time by importing essential financial data directly into your tax returns. Secure E-filing: Offering both federal and state e-filing, TaxSlayer Pro provides an efficient way to submit tax returns electronically.

The software's stringent security protocols ensure your clients' sensitive information remains protected. Top-tier Support: TMB Tax Bureau backs TaxSlayer Pro with unparalleled customer support, including phone, email, and chat assistance. Tax professionals can rely on prompt and knowledgeable guidance throughout the tax season. Scalable Solution: TaxSlayer Pro is designed to grow with your practice. Its flexible pricing structure and modular design allow you to choose the features and capabilities that best suit your needs. Continuous Improvement: TMB Tax Bureau is committed to the ongoing enhancement of TaxSlayer Pro.

Regular updates and new features are rolled out based on customer feedback and evolving industry requirements. Competitive Advantage: Embrace the benefits of TaxSlayer Pro and set your practice apart from the competition. Offer your clients faster turnaround times, enhanced accuracy, and an overall better experience. In summary, TaxSlayer Pro from TMB Tax Bureau is a comprehensive, efficient, and secure tax software solution tailored to meet the unique needs of tax professionals. With its wide range of features, scalability, and exceptional customer support, TaxSlayer Pro is the ultimate investment for those looking to elevate their tax practice to new heights.

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Cloud-Based Tax Preparation Software

Accessible on any device with an internet connection, allowing flexibility in preparing and filing tax returns from anywhere.

Mobile Tax


Prepare and e-file individual tax returns on multiple devices with an easy-to-use interface.



Offer refund transfers, allowing clients to deduct tax preparation fees directly from their refund.


Mobile App

Enables clients to share tax information securely and facilitates real-time communication.

Free Unlimited


No limit on the number of tax returns prepared and filed, with no per-return charge.



Simplifies entering client’s assets and calculating depreciation expense.


Tax Software

Prepare 1040 federal, state, and local tax returns.


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