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OLT Pro, an exceptional tax software solution from TMB Tax Bureau, specifically designed for tax professionals seeking a comprehensive, efficient, and user-friendly tool for their practice. OLT Pro sets itself apart from competitors by offering exclusive features and unparalleled support, making it the top choice for tax professionals.

Comprehensive Coverage: OLT Pro supports a vast array of tax forms and schedules, covering individual, business, and specialty tax returns, enabling you to serve a diverse client base with ease. Seamless Integrations: The software integrates effortlessly with popular accounting platforms, facilitating quick import of essential financial data, streamlining tax preparation, and saving valuable time.

Secure E-filing: OLT Pro offers both federal and state e-filing, ensuring a swift and secure submission of tax returns while safeguarding your clients' sensitive information. Weekly ERO Meetings: TMB Tax Bureau hosts weekly ERO meetings, fostering a supportive community, sharing valuable insights, and addressing any concerns, setting us apart from other service bureaus.24/7 Assistance & Top-tier Tech Support: Our unique co-working platform allows EROs to access round-the-clock assistance and exceptional technical support, enabling quick resolution of any issues that may arise.

Customizable Interface: OLT Pro features a user-friendly interface, which can be tailored to individual needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow that enhances productivity. Scalable Solution: The software is designed to grow with your practice, offering a flexible pricing structure and modular design to accommodate the changing needs of your business. Continuous Improvement: TMB Tax Bureau is committed to ongoing enhancement of OLT Pro, ensuring regular updates and new features based on user feedback and evolving industry requirements.

TMB Tax Bureau Advantage: By choosing OLT Pro from TMB Tax Bureau, you gain access to our extensive industry experience, expertise, and commitment to delivering top-notch customer service. Our focus on building strong relationships sets us apart from other service bureaus.

In summary, OLT Pro from TMB Tax Bureau is a powerful, secure, and customizable tax software solution, perfect for tax professionals aiming to elevate their practice. The combination of its extensive features, scalability, unique support system, and TMB Tax Bureau's unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction make OLT Pro the ultimate investment for tax professionals seeking the best for their clients and practice.

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Document Manager

Scan and upload essential client documents, creating an electronic file for each client.

Taxpayer Portal

Secure site for clients to view/print tax forms, remotely sign forms, upload documents, and communicate in real-time with the preparer.


Easy and efficient way for taxpayers to sign tax forms remotely, without a sign pad.

K-1 Import

Quickly import K-1 information to individual tax returns, reducing manual data entry errors.

Quick Estimator

Estimate tax returns quickly and start the tax return from the estimator data.

Client Organizer

Provides a question/answer worksheet for clients, pulling forward prior year tax information. Access and manage all taxpayer information efficiently with customizable search criteria.

Multi-User Manager

Add additional users with unique accounts and specific privileges, enhancing office security and customization.


Over 50 standard reports to run the office effectively, customizable for specific needs.


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